Knowledge Based Sales Process

Implementing the key concepts within the structured knowledge based sales process improves closure rates, customer satisfaction and overall business profitability.  These same concepts work equally well for roles throughout the organization as a method to improve overall communication of important internal business proposals.  The icon highlights the 6 key elements of the process:

  1. Know yourself 
    • Social styles
  2. Know your client 
    • Company research
    • Social styles
    • Client “map”
  3. Know the opportunity 
    • Build rapport with client
    • Determine client needs/wants
  4. Know your product/service
    • Position your solution(s) 
  5. Know how to deliver results
    • Effective negotiation
  6. Know how to maintain a positive business relationship with client
    • Reinforce their decision
    • Follow-up - Bridge between Sales and Implementation/Fulfillment

The training content is intended to be provided over a series of five 60-90 minute sessions plus a capstone session of about 3 hours.  It can be shared in person, via video conference or a combination of both.  In addition, we have tailored elements of the curriculum specifically for clients needs on a one-by-one basis.